Jan. / Feb. 2002

THE SOUL magazine 01/2002  
The SOUL magazine 01/2002

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Angie Stone    Sofa Surfers
DJ Hasebe   

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  SOUL CD #07


album cover Mahagony Soul    

   Angie Stone
Angie Stone

37 y.o. Angie Stone is back with the follow-up for her debut album «Black Diamond». She admits that she got a colourful understanding of soul music: "I'm pretty sure that my soul has a certain colour. When I ought to tell the colour of my soul I wish it would be mahagony.

This colour is wonderful, wealthy, deep and passionate. This are the things I use to feel about my music." Angie Stone No question further about the title of her new album «Mahagony Soul».
The singer started her recording career long ago - just in 1979 as a member of The Sequence to be signed on the Sugarhill label. In the early 90ies she had the lead vocal part of the 4-piece-group Vertical Hold.
The first single release from «Mahagony Soul» was «Brotha» - a hommage to the Black man, which rejects the negative common stereotype which is all around. Why didn't honoured Angie the Black Sista on her new album? She told the SOUL that she believe that there will be a black brother soon who writes about his Black Sista or Soul Sista instead about bitches or hoes. "I have choosen the man also therefore, he is created earlier than the woman in a spiritual view." - Angie, are you serious with it ??? - "Yes, I'm still convinced for myself of it up to now. I could be the greatest pop star but I never would put myself above the man I have choosen as lifetime partner. He would be king in my life and I would come second in our relationship." Angie has revealed her fundamental interpretation of the bible. So the question arouses which role have gospel and religion for Mrs. Stones's music? "This is what keeps me alive. I take care that The Word is near to me always. Probably I will have a break after finishing this interview to read a bit in the Holy Scriptures. This is what I love and what I live for."

Angie Stone

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www.angiestoneonline.com    Angie's page at Izaz Music (recommended link)

Sofa Surfers album cover Encounters
    Sofa Surfers

Sofa Surfers hailing from the pulsating Viennese scene of electronic Downbeat / Dubbeat projects presented by spearheads Kruder & Dorfmeister or Waldeck. The group often described as a trip-hop act, was founded by a quartet of sound-obsessed instrumentalists: Wolfgang Schlögl, Markus Kienzl, Wolfgang Frisch, and Michael Holzgruber. The group's debut single, «Sofa Rockers,» earned a remix from Richard Dorfmeister, and their debut album, «Transit», earned wide release through MCA. «Cargo» and «Constructions: Remixed and Dubbed» followed three years later. Now their third album «Encounters» is due to release. Except from one track on the new longplayer, all other have vocal parts this time. Reggae crooner DJ Collage has contributed for three pieces. You can hear also Mark Stewart from Bristol or ex-Jungle Brother Sensational besides Dub reggae legend Junior Delgado on this album.


DJ Hasebe

    DJ Hasebe

Japan's best known HipHop/R&B-Producer DJ Hasebe has just released his debut album «Hey World». It is a journey from album cover Hey World Oldschool HipHop via Dancehall to P-Funk. For the vocal parts DJ Hasebe has collaborated with MosDef, Doug E Fresh, Rahzel, Speech, Beenie Man Les Nubians and Omar. Internationally fame he could earn as the opening DJ on tours with Busta Rhymes and Common.


SOUL CD #07 tracklisting:

# 01 ANGIE STONE«Pissed off» 04:43
# 02 BRIAN McKNIGHT«Love of my life» 04:42
# 03 THE ISLEY BROTHERS«Warm summer night» 04:55
# 04 LINDA CARRIERE«Hold me now» 04:23
# 05 NIVEA feat. PETEY PABLO«Don't mess with the radio (Allstar Remix)» 03:45
# 06 JELLEESTONE«Money [part 1] (International Mix - Main)» 04:49
# 07 PLAYGROUP«Fatal» 04:44
# 08 GARE DU NORD«Searching Gainsbourg» 03:38
# 09 FEMI KUTI feat. JAGUAR WRIGHT«Fight to win» 03:56
# 10 DEFUNKT«Illusion» 05:33