July / August 2001

THE SOUL magazine 04/2001  
The SOUL magazine 04/2001

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Ultra Naté

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  SOUL CD #04


Aaliyah speaks about a special song on her new Album

Her current favourite and the track she´s most proud of is a tune called «Never No More», about ending an abusive relationship. "It´s actually exciting to take on a topic. I like what it´s talking about" Aaliyah says. "If I can give women confidence to leave a relationship, that´s wonderful."
- Every 15 seconds, a woman is beaten in the USA. For as many as four million women, this battering is so severe, they require medical or police attention. But for nearly 4,000 women each year, the abuse ends. They die. (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence)     Click here for song lyrics.

Aaliyah Aaliyah Aaliyah Aaliyah
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This site keeps the memory of Aaliyah alive.
January 16, 1979 — August 25, 2001

Track listing of the new Aaliyah album:

  1. We Need A Resolution
  2. Loose Rap
  3. Rock The Boat
  4. More Than A Woman
  5. Never No More        song lyrics
  6. I Care 4 U
  7. Extra Smooth
  8. Read Between The Lines
  9. U Got Nerve
  10. I Refuse
  11. It´s Whatever
  12. I Can Be
  13. Those Were The Days
  14. What If
  15. Try Again
I HAVE A DREAMa late interview ...

Aaliyah album cover
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Aaliyah new album release
We need a resolution - US We need a resolution - Germany
Single release: «We need a resolution»

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http://www.aaliyah.com Aaliyah Forever.de http://www.aaliyahonline.com

aaliyah.webz.cz More Aaliyah information, pictures and screensaver at Virgin Rec., Germany.

Amazing Aaliyah tribute page (German/English) with plenty image galleries and many more video caps!

Aaliyah rare vinyl album edition Aaliyah rare vinyl album edition

Ultra Naté has released her 4th album "Stranger than fiction"

Ultra Naté
Ultra Naté

The Diva speaks: "If you really want to get proof of your credibility as an artist then it is important to make experiments and to move to places people not necessarily expect you to go there. Even if you release your fourth album in 12 years."

Track listing of "Stranger than fiction":

  1. Love Is Stranger Than Fiction (Prologue)
  2. Ain´t Looking For Nothing
  3. Get It Up (The Feeling)
  4. Desire
  5. Dear John
  6. Eternal
  7. Twisted
  8. Pretender
  9. Breakfast For Two
  10. I Don´t Understand It
  11. Gone Like Yesterday
  12. Love Is Stranger Than Fiction (Epilogue)
  13. Ghost

Note: The Japanese pressing of the CD contains two bonus tracks not found on the regular release: «Runaway» which was cowritten by Ultra and Nona Hendryx and a perfect cover version of the Bee Gees classic track «How Deep Is Your Love».

Album cover

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SOUL CD #04 tracklisting:

# 01 RAY J feat. LIL´ KIM«Wait a minute [Soul Society Remix]» 04:13
# 02 NIVEA feat. MYSTIKAL«Check your man» 03:47
# 03 JAGGED EDGE«This goes out» 03:30
# 04 BILAL«Soul Sista» 03:58
# 05 TANK«Maybe I deserve» 05:01
# 06 DAWN SILVA«Red light district» 05:35
# 07 BINTIA«Geld» 02:44
# 08 INCOGNITO«Stay mine» 04:38
# 09 NO SECTOR MOVEMENTS«Anthem» 05:34
# 10 FORCE MD´S«Tears» 04:03