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THE SOUL magazine 06/2001  
The SOUL magazine 06/2001

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  SOUL CD #06


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After the multinational success with her debut album «On How Life Is» Macy Gray is back with her second release «The ID». As she knew only Atlanta. Detroit, New York or Canada, Macy was overwhelmed to see the whole world

because she needed to tour a lot around the globe due to her overnight success with the first album and the well-spinning single «I try». Macy stated that she was so thankful for the different experiences she made during that tour: "It was far from only having one gig after another but even simultaneously a constant and wide process of learning." Besides other countries she was in Israel too. "I went to the West Wall and spend also some time in Tel Aviv. This has shown me, how priorities get out of place in another country. It only depends on where you just stay. No matter on what kind of mission you like to be as an artist - you can't even hide from such experiences."      
Besides being in the studio or on tour Macy has created a comic strip about her days of childhood which she spend in Canton/Ohio. Her recent experiences in the business made her to take over the management of R&B singer Sunshine Anderson.

www.macygray.com    Macy unofficial   

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City High

«They just gave up on our entire generation / So we were all pushed to the side / Cause we didnít see the world through our teachers eyes / When all we needed was a little bit of motivation / ... »

(Lyrics from "City High Anthem")

City High is formed by Ryan Toby (20), Claudette Ortiz (18), and Robby Pardlo (20) , who come all from the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border city of Willingboro (NJ). They all attended the City High School once, that's they choose their name from. They turned their anger from bad high school experiences, ignorant teachers etc. into messages on their debut album «City High» (see lyrics sample above). To get more information visit these links:   

official website    City High page at Izaz Music (recommended link)

US 3 US 3 US 3
«An Ordinary Day in an Unusual Place» album cover US 3

«An Ordinary Day in an Unusual Place» is album number three from US3, released on October 15, 2001 (cover see left). Their debut album «Hand on the Torch» sold in excess of 3.3 million copies worldwide. The follow-up «Broadway and 52nd » had some tricky nice tunes but three is never a crowd for the king of collaborations, Geoff Wilkinson, the British brains behind US3, and the common factor in each of US3's dramatically different triumvirates.

Find out more at www.us3.org.

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After the tremendous success of Nivea's first single release "Don't mess with the radio" (cover see left), her self-titled album is due to release (cover see left below).

Tracklisting of Nivea's debut album:    

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album cover

For more information
about Nivea click for the
  1. Check your man
  2. Cat's got your tongue
  3. Radio Interlude
  4. Don't mess with the radio
  5. Don't mess with my man
  6. Problems
  7. Jewelry
  8. Never had a girl like me
  9. Just in case
  10. Phone Interlude
  11. 25 Reasons
  12. Argument Interlude
  13. Have mercy
  14. No doubt
  15. Run away (I wanna be with U)

song lyrics
Nivea site at getmusic.com or the official Australian Nivea Tour website.    Official German website

Official UK website    Nivea Fan Page    Nivea 2 Ya Fansite

SOUL CD #06 tracklisting:

# 01 OLIVIA«Bizounze» 04:22
# 02 CITY HIGH«City High Anthem» 05:19
# 03 1 GIANT LEAP feat. NENEH CHERRY & SPEECH«Braided Hair» 03:33
# 04 STAR EYE«Clap your hands» 05:21
# 05 AFROMAN«Let's all get drunk» 05:43
# 06 DAMIZZA pres. SHADE SHEIST feat. TO«Bounce» 03:41
# 07 SKEE-LO«Got what you like» 04:43
# 08 4HERO feat. JILL SCOTT«Another day» 04:57
# 09 GROOVE ARMADA«Little by little» 05:30
# 10 SAMIR«Deine Reise» 03:55