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New 12" EP out in October 2006 (see our news page).

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Richard's photos.

Sonique at The Complex.

Sonique as a guest at Kort & Klijn.

ProMotion Party at Chaos

Sonique's return to Ibiza 2000

DJ en zangeres Sonique in de TMF Studio / July 2000    Sonique visits the 89.7 Bay Studios on October 17, 2000

Sonique @ WDRQ'S Groovy Heat Wave, Pine Knob, Clarkston, MI
on 22 May, 2000 (Popfolio concert photography by Jennifer Jeffery).

Grimaldi Forum: Les Quatre C-ZON Electroniques / April 01, 2001

Sonique at World Music Awards 2001 at Salle Empire Hôtel de Paris-Monte-Carlo on 01 May, 2001 (group photo)

Private snapshots with

Charles Becker, DJ X and with Michael of "SIM special" at the MME IPO-Party in Nov. 2000.
Chris Cox and Sonique at Winter Music Conference 2002 taken by DJ Dom Armano.
Sonique Serious events in Miami (2000) and @ the Cross (October 2000)

The HIT Music Channel Entertainment News slide show

Sonique @ Homelands, England on 26 May, 2001.
Sonique in Newcastle on 21 July, 2001.

Sonique at Zouk Club / Singapore on 05 January, 2002:    (click on small image to enlarge)

Sonique at Zouk Club / Singapore on 05 January, 2002

25th April, 2002: Sonique @ Club M, Newmarket, Suffolk (UK)

7th/8th June, 2002: Sonique @ Club 54, Guernsey, Channel Islands (UK)

9th February, 2003: Sonique @ KIKA Club (Larissa, Greece)      

13th June, 2003: Sonique @ Rouge Club London, (UK)      

8th August, 2003: Sonique @ Creamfields 2003
(Roudnice nad Labem, Czech Republic)

9th August, 2003: Sonique @ Creamfields 2003
(Kolobrzeg - Ustronie Morskie, Bagicz Airport, Poland)

24th August, 2003: Sonique @ Devious Devil's Ball Kent (UK)      

20th September, 2003: Sonique @ SWR3 New Pop Festival

5th December, 2003: Sonique @ Club Vivendi, Nicosia (Cyprus)          
                    plus 2 photographs of the event by Goldie from Russia   image 1   image 2

12th December, 2003: Sonique @ Stars For Free (NRJ), Gasometer,
Vienna (Austria)

23th January, 2004: Sonique in Bialej @ Klub Protektor (Poland)

24th January, 2004: Sonique @ Klub Epsilon in Kraków (Poland)

22th September, 2004: Sonique @ Elements in San Salvador (El Salvador)
- report, interview and some photos

15th October, 2004: Sonique @ Apokalypsa/Boby Centrum, Brno (Czech Republic)


The acceptance speech - Sonique collects the award for best British solo artist 2001. The acceptance speech - Sonique collects the award for best female British solo artist 2001. (photo left: PA)

Sonique bewitches clubbers

DJ Sonique, the club DJ turned songstress, has been complaining about fans not dancing to her sets any more. She played at a club in Skegness this Saturday and said, "They stood there and looked at me which is not what I wanted. I've been DJing for years and I know how to make you dance and you're not dancing! By the end of it the way that they cheer you realise they've almost been in a coma!"
This came after a blistering live set where she performed three songs. She also revealed plans to perform at Glastonbury in 2001.
The situation is similar to when Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim first went to New York and thousands of kids turned up expecting to see the fat bloke on the front of his album.

Sonique Despite Norman playing his guts out for two hours a large proportion of the crowd stood there waiting for him to finish and the band Fatboy Slim to come on with their guitars!

(© WorldPop November 28, 2000)

Sonique refuses to pull the ear plugs

Sonique says she is forced to wear ear plugs to save her hearing at clubs.
The DJ and singer, currently in the charts with a cover of «I Put A Spell On You», told dotmusic: "Since I started singing I've worn ear plugs. It's something I've had to do to protect my hearing because it does get loud at clubs."
Information on tinnitus is available by phoning the Royal National Institute For Deafness tinnitus information line on +44 (0845) 7090210.

(December 13, 2000)

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