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Sonique in London, 15 Nov. 2006

Sonique in London,
15 Nov. 2006 

You visit a fan website dedicated to the British DJ and singer SONIQUE. Here you find a detailed biography, interviews, all about her record releases and live DJ sets, and latest news. Sonique has recorded her third solo studio album in 2004 already, which finally got released in Germany end of September 2006. UK fans had to wait up to 13th November 2006 for the album's official release.    

Sonique's favourite quotation:

"If I'm sad, I put on a record. If I'm happy, I do the same. My experience says that you can let your-
self down, but music will never let you down in life."

Never heard of Sonique before? Then read a condensed biography far below on this site to get to know her.

06 March 2008: Club ready to go super Sonique for guest DJ

by Mark Smith,
Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News

Award-winning clubland icon Sonique has been lined up for a spectacular Easter gig in Halton.

Londoner Sonique - a childhood friend of fellow DJ Judge Jules - is set to hit Halton after bosses at The View2 in industrial town Widnes lined her up for a two-hour set on March 22.

A spokesman said: "Sonique is world famous for her unique improvised singing over her own up-tempo tunes and playing house music sets at clubs such as Cream, Gatecrasher and Manumission. She really is one of the biggest names in Clubland!"

And rugby legend Martin Offiah OBE is also set to hit the borough the next day, Easter Sunday, with a one-hour set at the same venue.

Venue: The View2
Victoria Street,
Widnes WA8 6DJ

Source: CheshireOnline

Upcoming/latest live events with Sonique:

29. Nov. 2008: The Dot Cotton Club @
The Junction, Cambridge (UK)
22. Nov. 2008: Club Melkerkeller, Baden, Vienna
25. Oct. 2008: Classique, The Studio, Newport,
Isle of Wight (UK)
11. Oct. 2008: Escapade, Newport (UK)
04. Oct. 2008: Syndicate Rooms, Tralee,
County Kerry (Ireland)
27. Sept. 2008: Fantazia Heroes 3D @ Braehead
Arena, Glasgow (UK)
20. Sept. 2008: Cream Tour, Gloucester University
Freshers Ball, Gloucester (UK)
10. Sept. 2008: Savannah Lounge, Ocean Village
06. Sept. 2008: Balcombe, Sussex (UK)
29. Aug. 2008: The Flamingo, Blackpool (UK)
24. Aug. 2008: Moda, Liverpool (UK)
07. Aug. 2008: Musa Motors Party, Tsaritsa
Elena Boat, Moscow (Russia)
02. Aug. 2008: Beach Party 2008, Gdynia (Poland)
26. July 2008: Jumpin Jaks, Stevenage (UK)
19. July 2008: Cellar Bar, Blackburn (UK)
12. July 2008: Escapade, Newport (UK)
10. July 2008: Aura Moonlight Club, Antalya (Turkey)
05. July 2008: Live Show @ Nightingales,
Birmingham (United Kingdom)
13. June 2008: People Club, Chisnau (Moldova)

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Sonique's music style:

as a singer / recording artist:
   Pop, Dance

as a DJ:
   House, Progressive, Electro
Sonique - My dream EP

Sonique - On Kosmo

Sonique - Sleezy

Latest record releases:

While the 3rd anticipated album «On Kosmo» is released in Germany on 29 September 2006 (cover image see right), the CD single «Sleezy» is deleted by distributor Sony/BMG ("new" cover image see right below).

Also, the intended re-release of «Why» on a 2 track CD single for the lastly announced 19th January 2007, is postponed for an indefinite time.

New vinyl EP out in October 2006! It includes a new extended mix of "My dream" (cover see right up).
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Sonique wallpaper no. 19
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Back in the early '90ies together
with Mark Moore representing
a temporary outfit of S'Express ...
(2 pictures added).
  S*Express   S*Express

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Sonique Sonique: DJ, singer, songwriter, remixer

Introducing Sonique ...

Born in London, England in 1968, but of Trinidadian parentage, little Sonia (her real name) was sort of written-off at school but had shown talents in sports. She dreamed of becoming a successful pentathlete up to the time ending up only second in a race. Then she turned to the music scene, dancing at clubs etc. and joined a reggae band as a singer at the age of 17. She was homeless in these times. Her band defunkt the same year, but she got a solo record deal leading to an immediate club hit in the UK. Then Sonique came in contact with several artists of the upcoming Acid House scene, who also worked as DJs, e.g. Tim Simenon (Bomb the Bass) and Mark Moore (S'Express). She wrote and recorded songs with them and joined the S'Express outfit for their second album release. These times she also learned a lot about DJing from her mates, was training her skills at home for several years, before finally having her first public appearance as a DJ in 1994. In January the next year, Sonique got her first engagement as a resident DJ at a London club called Swankey Mode already. Another milestone was her residency from 1997 to 1999 at Manumission in Ibiza. Meanwhile she has traveled many countries of the world for guest DJ appearances.

What makes Sonique so unique as a DJ is that she has blended her excellent powerful and emotive singing abilities with a natural mixing talent to create a unique club atmosphere. As soon as she steps up to the decks she picks up the mike and introduces herself, instantly connecting with the crowd and setting up the atmosphere for an unforgettable night. Right at the peak of the best tunes comes the perfect crescendo of smooth vocals just made up on the spot yet somehow sounding like they are meant to be there. This talent never before seen in clubland is unique to Sonique.

The other leg of her career is to write, record and remix songs, mainly dance-orientated and soulfoul with a high potential to go on top of the club charts as well as the pop charts. Sonique's greatest hit so far is the song «It feels so good», being re-released in 2000 and becoming a chart-topper in many countries that year. Up to now she has recorded three solo albums, has released more than 10 singles and can point to a long list of collaborations with other artists' projects from William Orbit to Josh Wink. Several record labels have released also some albums with live mixes of Sonique's DJ sets.

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Sonique - It feels so good Sonique's greatest hit so far ...
Discography in brief

First bought record: «I Feel Love» (Donna Summer)
First own club hit: «Let Me Hold You» (Cooltempo Records) in 1985, a few years later a minor appearance on Bass-O-Matic's debut album and collaboration with Mark Moore to make the second album for S-Express («Intercourse»).
Single releases with S-Express: «Nothing to lose» and «Find'em, Fool'em, Forget'em»
Album releases 2000: «Serious Sounds of Sonique - in the Mix & on the Mic» (tracks of various artists remixed by Sonique) and solo debut «Hear My Cry» with 3 single picks.
Album release 2001: «DJ Sonique - Club Mix» (again, tracks of various artists remixed by Sonique)
Album release 2003: another solo album «Born To Be Free» with two single releases: «Can't Make Up My Mind» and «Alive»
Album works 2004: a forthcoming album on a new record label was recorded in Germany, a first single pick got released in December, «Another world», in collaboration with Tomcraft.
Single release 2005: the forthcoming album «On Kosmo» spawned another single so far: «Why», produced by Babylon Robots.
Single releases 2006: Officially, all only available on vinyl so far: in the UK, Azuli Records released a pair of 12"es with mixes of the song «Tonight» (not a part of the Kosmo recording sessions in Germany 2004). In Germany, the Kosmo label first released «Sleezy» from the long awaited third album. Later they compiled a 12" EP with 4 different tracks taken from the album called «My dream EP».
Album release 2006: third solo album «On Kosmo» finally out by the end of the year, containing four single picks so far: «Another world», «Why», «Sleezy», and «My dream»

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Sonique - My dream EP

Sonique - On Kosmo

Sonique - Tonight

Sonique - Sleezy