Sonique in El Salvador September 2004

DJ Sonique is in the country - British DJane electrified the crowd at closing night of the anniversary of ABC Radio.

     Published 23 September, 2004 - Née Sonia talked with journalists before her set at the event.

Sonique Yesterday in the evening, while the sky announced a strong storm on the capital San Salvador, several journalists met in the garden of Radisson Hotel to talk with Née Sonia Clarke - better known as the English DJ Sonique. When she appeared on the scene the black clouds disappeared! After taking several sips of the energy drink Nitro and tasting a capuccino, the DJane spoke with the press about the reason of her visit to the country. "Two years ago I made a tour everywhere and I am thankful to the public that they have supported my music", she said.

The interpreter of «It feels so good», «Sky» and «Alive» described her presentation in El Salvador like "a full celebration of positive energy", which is the last act in the celebrations of the 21st anniversary of ABC Radio last night at the club Elements.

The song «I feel love» by Donna Summer was the one that inspired Sonique to enter the world of electronic music. Being one of a few women who spin discs, the artist explained that for her an example person does not exist, so that she always reacted to what has happened to her at the moment. "There is rule not being creative and although at the outset people reflected when seeing a female DJ, little by little they have accustomed", she said. Now, with more than 15 years in the middle of the beats, the Englishwoman defines her style like "something very real, electronically speaking", and a symbiosis of sorts that go from pop to reggae. Her most recent album is «Born to be free», which is played on ABC Radio already, but isn't yet available in local record shops.

All information at this page translated from Spanish language - see a translated interview with below. Click the given link to read it in the original language.

Los "quince" de Sonique

En un lapso no mayor a quince minutitos, Sonique nos explicó algunos aspectos que a su modo de ver las cosas, no debemos dejar de lado al momento de existir sobre este complicado mundo en el que vivimos ...         Source: article in Spanish ...article in Spanish ...article in Spanish ...

The "Fifteen" of Sonique

By René V. Contreras, photos by Maritza Holy/EDH

Sonique In a lapse of not more than fifteen minutes, Sonique explained to us some aspects about her way to see the things. We don't have to leave our side in the moment we exist on this complicated world in which we live.

Fifteen minutes! I was asked by our contact of Universal Music that the interview with Sonique had to last that amount of time exactly.   

Well, she would answer quickly to one of the questions after the other. The agenda was tight because she has missed her flight the previous day.

Once submitted to the walk of the clock, we tried to approach Sonia Clarke more personally within the world of the mixes.

We discovered that this coloured person, in spite of having written inspiring tracks like «Sky», has planted her feet affluently on the ground.         

Sonique told us that one of her friends said "Your music is unique!" and soon they added it to Sonia and yep!, the name of a star was written without a big story.

These are the questions that Sonique allowed us to make her to know in nothing else than fifteen minutes:

Alternative Planet: How was your arrival in El Salvador?

Sonique: The airplane arrived in the morning at 6 (local time), so I tried to sleep the flight throughout (from England). When the airplane arrived I said to myself "I don't want to raise already" so when I arrived at the hotel, I fell into sleep again. I thought that perhaps I wasn't going to be able to raise again.

Alternative Planet: Well, you lost your first flight towards our country. What happened?

Sonique: For whatever reason, the driver who had to collect me in the hotel, could not communicate with my room. So all the messages that I received at the following day said that the car was hoping on me down there. But I never knew it. I discussed with them about the fact. That is one of my favourite hotels and usually it doesn't happen this way. There must have been some problems with the telephone. Sonique

Alternative Planet: Is there a real alive spell to feel alive (in relation to its simple meaning)?

Sonique: No, I do not believe that some alive spell to feel alive exists. To become lucky works always the same way somehow, there is something with what you can forge your luck. I would like to say that in truth one exists and hopefully it is like that.

Alternative Planet: How you can reach the sky, but I don't talk about using an airplane.     

Sonique: Definitively it is not by an airplane. It is not either since I have written it (in one of my songs). One is to obtain more than what the life teaches to you. You know, the life teaches to you like doing this, doing that, paying bills, etc., but that is a part of the life. There is something superior to all that and this is the sky that I always have tried to reach.

Alternative Planet: According to your experience, how we must take control before we end up in a low in our lives?

Sonique Sonique: Finding something that you like and that makes yourself happy, without taking care about the rest. It has to be something in this life that makes you happy, and sometimes listen to your feelings and think about it well, because in this life everything is complicated. Some things make you feel happy but it is not that. Everything became a success suddenly, after not to have any money in my life. So I know the difference. But there is a difference within nothing or no money. People tend not to believe me on this because they want to continue thinking that the money is the success, everything is perfect and is well. But certainly it isn't like that. I was already happy before being successful. The success came after being happy.

Alternative Planet: Was there any limit in your professional life as a DJ?

Sonique: It didn't want to have no type of limits. I ... (doubts a little) It is a good question! I continue doing this because it is very real and instinctive and it is the unique thing, pardon me that you say it but you go, see and judge the same way. There isn't a fool who says "This type is phenomenal, bla, bla, bla ...". You go, you see and judge. I like it because it is like being on the edge. DJing enchants me much.

Alternative Planet: What keeps you in shape? Do you continue running?

Sonique: Sometimes after the airplanes ... (she laughs). I don't do absolutely anything. I believe that I will make up a poor devil to many women but I don't do anything (of exercise). I believe that I am a hyperactive person. I have always been that since I was young. I have had the ability to take all the energy and to canalize Sonique it in one direction. I would say that sometimes I continue to do some gymnastics like everybody.

Alternative Planet: Do you have some other activities or hobbies aside from being a DJ?   

Sonique: I really enjoy being involved with production and sort of things. I like also cars, although I may sound like an idiot. I believe that a hobby would be to collect many race cars.

Alternative Planet: What do you like more, to mix or to sing?

Sonique: I believe I like it both much. I like to mix but master to sing. I hate to say that I like this plus which another, because then I could explode in my eyes. To people who like more when I sing, I can say at least that comes from very inside.

Alternative Planet: Have you made some tracks which include Reggae?

Sonique: No, but I would like. I have materials that have been influenced by Reggae. But the problem occurs with the speed. Reggae is slower. It would work better in a recording in "Drum & Bass" style. It is difficult but I have the desire to make something similar.

  Sonique spinning @ Elements in San Salvador on 22 September, 2004

Sonique spinning @ Elements in
San Salvador on 22 September, 2004

    Sonique spinning @ Elements in San Salvador on 22 September, 2004

more photos of this DJ set at Sonique's official website ...

Sonique Flyer of the event
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