Sonique - Born to be free

cover: Sonique - Born to be free

Sonique's second solo album CD «Born to be free» (June 02, 2003)

With the opening track «Alive» you can hear immediately one of the strongest songs of the album, which made the choose easy to be the second single release for September 2003. «Hold Me Now», richly-layered and infused with poignant strings, is Sonique's reaction to September 11, 2001. Having endured personal loss herself 3 years ago, Sonique can relate to those who were bereaved as a result of the attack and wanted to use her music as a voice. "If ever you've had anyone close to you die - and I have - it'll make sense", she explains. In «Will You Want Me», meanwhile, Sonique's distinctive drum beats have the BPM seriously turned up. The fast paced, hi-octane, no-holds-barred, intense and climatic club anthem samples the classic club tune «Amphetamine» and has already been highlighted as a firm favourite by all dancefloor friends who pack the floors during Sonique's DJ sets. On the album there's also a collaboration with Roni Size («Right here you an' I») - "the man's a genius" - where Sonique draws on her early love of drum and bass. Sonique's personal album favourite is «You're the reason», a beautifully-crafted blend of garage, soul and reggae: "a real lift you up sunshine track that everyone can relate to." With her new album Sonique concludes, "I hope I've made something people can keep for the whole of their lives, something that will never go out of style."      


     1. Alive
 2. Hold me now
 3. Can't make up my mind
 4. Magic
 5. Love washes away
 6. Will you want me
 7. Freefalling (Mum's favourite)
 8. Right here you an' I
 9. Seriously
10. You're the reason
11. Born to be free
12. Please
13. I'm gonna love you
14. Can't make up my mind (Sonique Beatmix)


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