Sonique - Hear my cry

Sonique - Hear my cry

Sonique's solo debut album CD «Hear my cry» (Feb. 14, 2000)

Sonique arrived with a flourish in 1990 as a teenage vocalist and co-songwriter in Mark Moore's kitsch acid-house vehicle S-Express. She then put her disco diva career firmly on the backburner to pursue a career as a club DJ, only returning to the mainstream in 2000, when her luscious single "It Feels So Good" spent a three-month residency on the US chart. Sonique flies into the UK album top 10 on Sep. 24th, 2000 at #6 with «Hear my cry» on the 12th week of the album's British release.  
This mostly self-penned debut album is an atmospheric musical journey, starting with her break-through song. It quickly gets you spinning with its fusion of dance pop, electronica, and infectious grooves. Next there is a wickedly sultry cover of Jay Hawkins's "I Put A Spell On You" to treasure while "Are You Ready?" lets the funk roll, and "Drama" hits you with some smooth R&B vibes. "Move Closer" sends you reeling with a lively, can't miss dance beat. And then there is the title track, a cut that you hear clubs playing over and over again as their patrons go crazy for the grooves and moves the song serves up. Another highlight is sort of lovely Portishead-esque musings such as the poignant "Empty (Hideaway)".
Throughout every song, Sonique's sultry, commanding voice takes center stage, putting a smile on your face while it pumps your body and pushes you to the limits, demanding you get the songs your all and move as much as you can to the music. This isn't second rate anything, and as such, it demands its listeners don't give the music a half-hearted response. A perfect union for the dance fan who wants to move, shake, and sweat until they drop.

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  1. It Feels So Good
  2. I Put A Spell On You
  3. Are You Ready?
  4. Cold And Lonely
  5. Drama
  6. Move Closer
  7. Can't Get Enough
  8. Hear My Cry
  9. Empty (Hideaway)
  10. Love Is On Our Side
  11. Sky
  12. Learn To Forget
  13. It Feels So Good (Can 7 Soulfood Club Mix)
    may include:      
  1. Sky (Sonique Remix)

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