front cover: Starvation / Tam-Tam pour l'Ethiopie

JAZZ 3     

All proceeds from this record will be distributed in the famine areas of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan through the following relief agencies: Oxfam, 274 Banbury Rd, Oxford; War On Want, Room 19, 467 Caledonian Rd., London N7 9BE, and Medicins Sans Frontieres, 68 Boulevard Saint-Marcel, 75005 Paris, France.
Further donations can be made direct to the above adresses.

Vocals: Ali Campbell, Robin Campbell, Ray Falconer (UB40), Jackie Robinson, Sydney Crooks, George Agard (Pioneers); Keyboards: Jerry Dammers; Guitar: Lynval Golding; Bass: Mark Bedford; Drums: Daniel Woodgate; Percussion: John Bradbury, Geraldo Darbilly; Talking Drums: Gasper Lawal; Cornet, Flugel Horn, Trumpet: Dick Cuthel; Trombone: Annie Whitehaed; Additional vocals: Dave Wakeling; Toasting: Ranking Roger; Backing vocals: Lorenza Johnson, Claudia Fontain, Caron Wheeler, Naomi Thomson (Afrodiziak); Produced by: Jerry Dammers; Engineered by: Ian Horne; Mixed by: Jeremy Green; Recorded at: Liquidator.
Special Thanks To: Mick Toohig, Music Bank, Sound Centre, Feldon Audio, Britannia Row, Sound Clinic, Wessex Studios, Town House, Odyssey Studios, Blue Mountain Music, Townhouse Cutting Room, Audio FX, Audiorent, Eel Pie Studios, Air Studios, Stuart Stawman.
Guitars: Samba N'go, Souzy Kasseya, Ioroma Sika, Jerry Malekani, Francis Mbappe; Saxophone: Manu Dibango; Cora: Mory Kante; Drums: Boffi Banengola; Piano: Ray Lema; Synthesizers: Poto Doubongo, Ray Lema; Shekere: Brice Wouassi, Marcel De Suza; Congas: Ismael Toure; Percussion: Nino Gioia; Talking Drums: King Sunny Ade; Choir: Sylvie Etenna, Willy Ngeh Nfor, Kialla Peple from the group Ghetto Blaster, Mutela Shakara from the group Bobongo Star, Canat Ballou, Toni Mbaichi, Salif Keita and Tagus from the group The Ambassadeurs, Yves N'Djocko, Sylvaine Amix, Florence Titty, Elolongue Sissi, Georgia Dibango, Valery Lobe, Dou Kaya, Touré Kunda, Bovick, Moona with the participation of Sarah, Sheena Williams; Voices: King Sunny Ade, Zao, André Marie Tala, M'pongo Lave, Pamelo, Malopoets, Hugh Masakela, Youssou N'Dour;
Lyrics & Singing in Douala: Florence Titty, Elolongue Sissi, Georgia Dibango;
Lyrics & Singing in Lingala: M'Bamina; Lyrics & Singing in Malinke: Salif Keita;
Lyrics & Singing in Wolof: Ismael, Sixu and Ousmane Touré Kunda;
Lyrics & Singing in Swahili: Bovick, Souzy Kasseya, Ray Lema;
Producer: Manu Dibango; Executive Producers: Philippe Constantin, Clouseau Musique, Philippe Conrath, Rémey Kolpa Kopoul, Martin Meissonnier; Recorded in Paris at: Davout and Accousti studios on 21 - 22 - 23 December 1984;
Engineer: Hervé Le Coz; Assistant Engineer: Joël; Mixed by: Martin Meissonnier, Steven Street, Tony Allan, Godwin Lodgie, Smutly at Fall Out Shelter (London);
We would like to thank: Alpha Blondy, Bob Geldof, Trevor (Island), Jean-Marie Salaun, Hugues de Courson, Jean-Jacques Dufayet.
Studios: Davout, Accousti, Fall Out Shelter, Clouseau Musique, La Sacem, Celluloïd, Alain Levy, Polygram, Marci Benitha, TBWA.
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Some additional information:

All tracks were recorded on December 21-23, 1984, intended as a charity record to aid the starving people in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan.

«Starvation» is a cover of the Pioneers classic tune.

The single was released on Madness' then new Zarjazz label in March 1985, reached #33 in the UK single charts and was available as 7" (JAZZ 3) and 12" (JAZZ 3-12). «Starvation» features mainly British reggae and ska acts while the B-side track «Tam-Tam Pour L'Éthiopie» was organized and produced by Manu Dibango and features many African artists. The 12" single also includes the additional song «Haunted» by Dick Cuthel featuring Afrodiziak.

Release Notes:


7" (Virgin/Zarjazz JAZZ 3)

A: «Starvation» [3:00]
B: «Tam-Tam Pour L'Éthiopie» [4:05]

12" (Virgin/Zarjazz JAZZ 3-12)

A1: «Starvation» (African version) [4:35]
A2: «Haunted» (African version) [4:10]
B1: «Tam-Tam Pour L'Éthiopie» (Part 1) [4:05]
B2: «Tam-Tam Pour L'Éthiopie» (Part 2) [6:00]


7" (Virgin 107 233) [same tracks as UK release]
12" (Virgin 601747 213 ) [same tracks as UK release]

French single release cover

7" (Polygram 880 568-7)

A: «Tam-Tam Pour L'Éthiopie» (Part 1) [4:05]
B: «Tam-Tam Pour L'Éthiopie» (Part 2) [2:55]

12" (Polygram 880 568-1)

A: «Tam-Tam Pour L'Éthiopie» (Part 1) [6:57]
B: «Tam-Tam Pour L'Éthiopie» (Part 2) [6:00]

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