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Notice: All download mp3's originate from records are not commercially available anymore or made available by the artist's permission.

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  From the obscure vinyl LP "It's Reggae Time" (label see left):
Clint Eastwood - It wasn't Rasta.mp3 (2.5 MB duration 2:47).
11th edition of German music magazine «Riddim» out! It's on Reggae, Dancehall, tunes and culture. Go here for details ...
riddim Click on small cover image for larger version.

  Reggae's premier keyboard player Jackie Mittoo was tributed with track A2 on the CSA Records 12" «I won't hurt your feelings» featuring singer Carol Brown (12CSA 513, released in 1987). Download the instrumental Whistling Willie.mp3 (3.7 MB duration 4:00). Click here for a complete listing of 12" releases by CSA Records or check for Tapir's Reggae Labels Discographies.

  The Dubroom Jah Acid Dub  —
New Land Dub.mp3
Jae World ... the best in music! (3.5 MB duration 3:48) [1999] For the best in music ...
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click for larger version A Reggae all star collaboration double A-sided charity single from 1985:
Starvation.mp3 (2.8 MB duration 3:05) b/w Details ...
Tam-Tam pour l'Ethiopie.mp3 (3.9 MB duration 4:15)   7 " Zarjazz JAZZ 3

Rootz Reggae and Kulcha Reggaezine Rootz Reggae and Kulcha ReggaezineRootz Reggae and Kulcha ReggaezineRootz Reggae and Kulcha Reggaezine

This link is a treasure trove for serious students of Reggae Muzik — students who need an authentic insight into the African/Jamaican Rootz and Rastafari Kulcha which inspires the 'message music' brand of traditional Rootz-Rock-Reggae!

Rootz Reggae and Kulcha Reggaezine

click for larger version
Shaka All Stars featuring Delroy Washington:
Help one another.mp3 (4.3 MB duration 4:41)
Taken from the rare vinyl LP «Message from Africa».
click for larger version click for larger version

Click on small cover image for larger version.
Red Cloud - The System Red Cloud: The System 12" Safe House SASH T003       Click here to read the song lyrics.
A-side The System.mp3 (3.6 MB duration 3:57)
B-side The System - Dub.mp3 (3.6 MB / 3:58)

Free Mumia!
Ruff & Mellow - web link Ruff & Mellow - a female international music ensemble playing a unique style of roots, reggae, and African chants with a positive uplifting lyrical message. Ruff & Mellow - web link

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