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Credits and notes as stated on the booklet:

Ade Orange: Vocals, Keyboards, Programming and Guitar

Chris Payne: Violin, Keyboards

Hélène Muddiman: Vocals on track 1, 2 and 5. Vocals and Guitar on track 6, 7, 8 and 10

Andy Coughlan: Fretless bass on track 5 and 8

Ced Sharpley: Drums on track 10

Dawn Wright: Operatics on track 9

Words: Ade Orange

Music: Ade Orange/Chris Payne

except «Fade To Grey» C.Payne/M.Ure/B.Currie
and «I Want Your Love» Ade Orange/Hélène Muddiman

All tracks engineered and produced by Ade Orange at 'Wicked or What?' studios, Surrey except «Fade To Grey», which was engineered by Curtis Schwartz at his Ardingly studio.

A special musical thank you to Hélène "SheWomanCatTypeThing" Muddiman and Andy "The Gent" Coughlan.

A special technical thank you to Graham 'Sparky' Blunden for "soldiering on", Nevill Wake at Raper and Wyman for "gear" and Steve Rook at Abbey Road Studios for "mastering" it.

Respect is due to Gary Numan and Russel Bell.

With inspiration and support provided by Elaine, Sarah, Melanie, Julia, Steve Crickmer and Mr T amongst others.

With love always to our friends and family.

For more information about BIG NOISE UK write to:
Wicked or What? Productions
2, Walters Mead, Ashtead, Surrey KT21 2BP

(address provided at time of record release!)

[«Good Morning Baby» song lyrics]

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Big Noise UK - Good Morning Baby

Big Noise UK - Good Morning Baby

CD cover
Big Noise UK - «Good Morning Baby» President Records PCOM 1111 (1991)

  Shame On You
Seize The Day
Good Morning Baby
Miss Me
What Do You Take Me For
James Dean (Driving In Your Car)
I Want Your Love
Cut Me And I Bleed
It's Better This Way
Fade To Grey (12" version)
Good Morning Baby (Reprise)

Click here for the song lyrics.

Big Noise UK are:

Ade Orange   Chris Payne
Ade Orange Chris Payne

Orange and Payne are known for their long association with Gary Numan. Chris Payne has co-written «Fade To Grey» with Midge Ure and Billy Currie (both of Ultravox), which originally became a hit single for the New Romatic outfit Visage in 1981. The track was re-recorded by the duo and released under the name of Big Noise only and got released on 7"/12" on the President label in 1989 (Catalogue number PT [12-]580). The B-side recording was «I Want Your Love». The song is also to find on the album, along with the extended remix of «Fade To Grey».

Big Noise UK sounds like a typical synthpop band but their long-term collaboration with Gary Numan didn't prevent them to develope an own style. Though co-writer Chris Payne recorded finally «Fade To Grey» of his own so don't expect another Visage epigone or Ultravox sound-a-like. The song got a unique interpretation, actually the best I've ever heard apart from the Visage original. The first track «Shame On You» creates an atmosphere reminding most likely of Kraftwerk. If the music on this album should be compared to other 80ies protegés at all, then I would mention Rational Youth, Information Society, New Order, Jimmy Nail and Depeche Mode. «Good Morning Baby» was released in 1991 but it carries some flavour of the 80ies into the new decade. Orange and Payne went not so far as some other early 90ies synthpop heroes e.g. The Shamen, Blue Pearl (Project of Killing Joke's drummer Martin 'Youth' Glover) or New Order so you will hear no influences of the upcoming Acid House scene on this record which actually should make the album catchier to a wider audience. But released by an independent label it has missed unfortunately.    

For an alternative review of this album by Al Crawford go to http://www.awrc.com/reviews/b/good_morning_baby.html.

President Records - the label.

President Records

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